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Jesus/Jeshua: The Temple of the Sun channeled by Judith Coates July 8, 2010 ==================================


Beloved one, once upon a time, before there was time, there was and is and forever will be outside of time an Isness, a conscious-ness, if you will, an Intelligence that will be forever beyond time. It exists now, as you understand time, and it will exist forever, as you understand time, because time is limited. You feel that in your daily lives.


You feel the limitations of time. "I have to be somewhere at a certain time," and you rush about. And sometimes you chafe, because certain schedules keep you waiting. I know that your time is precious. I thank you for sharing your time in this way with me. But once upon a time, before there was time, you were and are and always will be the Intelligence of the One. And as the Intelligence, free-flowing, of the Creator, the creative One, there was a Thought to create. From that one moment outside of time, you as an aspect of the


One created all realities: realities within time and realities outside of time. Now, there are many more realities outside of time than within time. That is a bit difficult to understand, as you struggle each day with your daily activities. But it is also something that you know very deep within you as you chafe against the schedules. You know that there is instantaneous manifestation. You know that it does not have to take time in order to heal. You know this from other lifetimes, whether it be in realities that believed and were based on time or realities outside of time.


You know it deeply within yourself that you are an expansive being, and that is why you chafe against the small ego when it comes up with limitations and says, "But you are only one person, and you have a limited time span for this lifetime. That which you want to become or make manifest, you probably won't." Separated ego often says that. It says that because you have asked it to say that scripting so that you can prove it wrong, and it does your bidding. It runs right on stage and it says, "Ah, you'll never be able to be wealthy, prosperous. You'll never be able to manifest a loving mate or a friend who will love you no matter what.


Youwill never be able to know that the loved ones who have released the body and have gone on are still with you. You'll never know that." That is what separated ego says to you. But then the loved one who has gone on speaks to you, and you say, "Well, they can't be speaking to me. They are no longer here." They are here.


And separated ego runs back on stage and says, "How do you know? Can you prove it?" And you say, "Well, there's a feeling. I feel the loved one with me, and if I feel it, there has to be something. I'm not quite sure what, and I can't define it, and there probably aren't words for it, but I feel it." And separated ego says, "Oh, okay," and goes off in the wings, off stage for awhile until the next time it is called forth. When we first thought to create a physical reality, we created light, the vibration of light, and with that the vibration of sound, as you understand the physical laws.


We created most harmonious manifestations of Oneness. You still have that. It still exists. If you ever want proof, look at your rainbow. There you have physical manifestation of different vibrations of color from one range to another through the various vibrations seen as color, and if you could hear the rainbow—and some ones can—you would hear a melody, a harmony. When we first thought to have physical experience, we brought forth the different constellations, and they were as yet amorphous. They were as yet unformed, not as you know them now to be, and we danced as the light upon and within the amorphous constellations.


Then there was a thought to evolve into something different, because you are always—I see you doing this in your daily life—thinking of what is the next goal, what is the next project you are going to work on.


We are always working to create more. There became more density. The Light played with the density, and we brought forth many, many constellations in form. You now have the most wonderful pictures of light of other constellations that come to you from many, many light years away, more than what you would count a lifetime or several lifetimes to be; that light now coming to you from constellations where you played at one time and then sent yourself here to receive that light in this lifetime.


So when you look in your heavens and you see the light of the various stars, know that truly you have played within those constellations, and the light that you brought forth then is coming to you now for the purpose of reminding you of how creative you are, how Light you are, how you can and do manifest.


You have chosen now to be within this reality on this third rock from the sun—as your television program has called it—and to live out lifetimes on this rock, which truly is not rock at all; it is vibration of differing densities. When we came to play upon this firmament, we danced as the Light that we are, and we knew ourselves to be very fluid. We even went within the Earth, our holy Mother, the planet, because this reality that you call firm is not firm at all. It is changing all of the time; it is very fluid and very porous.


There are ones who remember themselves to be lighter vibration and more fluid who do live within holy Mother Earth. Sometimes you will—again, as we spoke of the loved ones—you will know a presence of them. There are certain sacred spots that ones have pointed out where you can go and be in communion with the ones who live within this planet. Have you lived within the planet? Yes, a long, long time ago as you measure time, before you decided that you wanted to live on the surface, with a more solidified and defined form. But even the defined form you change from time to time.


You have often looked to the heavens in your night time, and have taken inspiration from the stars, or in the daytime you have looked to the sun that is so important for warmth and for the growing of the food that sustains you. For many, many lifetimes you were and still are sun worshippers. I see you as you go out in the sun and enjoy being out-of-doors in the sun. Allow yourself to go within and to worship the sun within yourself. You are indeed a temple, a living temple of divine radiance.


Live in the space of light, forgetting all else that is happening around you for a moment or so—or if it be possible, for longer than that—and allow the temple of the sun within to be your focus. Feel the power of the physical sun. You know the power of the physical sun. You know how warm it can be. You know how powerful it is every day as it arises. And you know the lifetimes when you have worshipped it for its life-giving properties. But the sun in your heavens is no comparison to the sun within you, that divine essence within you, out of which you create everything.


You are the temple of the Sun of yourself. So if you have been worrying about something, allow yourself to take a deep breath…right now…feel that easy, deep breath and allow yourself to go within, eyes open or eyes closed, whichever feels comfortable, and go within to the sacred place of the Sun within you, and know that within you is divine radiance. There is nothing that can threaten or change that divine radiance within you. Feel it with your mind's eye. Feel yourself in the Sun within yourself. Know that you are surrounded by the Sunlight that you are. Feel it. Visualize it. Allow it to expand until you feel yourself to be in a bubble of Sunlight.


Feel yourself to be safe, secure within the Sunlight of yourself. All that you have ever truly desired abides within the Sun within your own temple, within yourself. Go within and for a moment allow everything else to be blotted out by the brilliance of the Sun in that space. Visualize how the Sun fills every part of your being. Visualize yourself in the middle of that Sun. Feel its warmth. Feel its power. Feel the security. Nothing can threaten that security.

Any time that the world speaks to you of problems, go quickly to your own temple and to your Sun and abide there in the security of the divine essence, the divine radiance that you are. And then if there is something that has been troubling you, bring it within that light and see how it dissolves into nothing, into light, knowing yourself always to be taken care of, always in the Light.


You have fashioned a body so that you could walk through this reality to play in this reality, to struggle with all of the challenges that you have collectively agreed upon. But none of those challenges can threaten or change the divine light of you within you. All you have to do is take that one breath and go within to the candlelight within — if sometimes you feel that your Sun is not quite as big as you would like it to be.


You can visualize the candle flame and then see it expanding to fill all of the mind's eye. And wait, because sometimes there will be inspiration. Sometimes there will be guidance, an idea that comes out of the Light that has been there all of the time within the Light, but you have not given it yet opportunity to come forth. Sometimes all you need is to know the security of that Light, to know that you are loved in that Light, and that always you will be loved and taken care of. You are the temple of the Sun. Even as you are walking through the darkness of the valley of the world, you are the light of this world. That is what you said you would do in this lifetime by various journeys, by various means, various occupations.


Never do you need to worry about anything. Hear me well when I say that. I am the demonstration of that, as you are the demonstration of it. My lifetime was fraught with challenges, threats, even crucifixion. Look at my lifetime and take courage from that lifetime. You will not be asked to give over the body, and even if you were, that is not who you are. The body is not who you are. But you will not be asked to give over the body until you choose to give it over.


My story is your story. In other lifetimes you have known physical crucifixion. In many other lifetimes you have known emotional crucifixion; even in this lifetime you crucify yourself daily emotionally by listening to the words of separated ego. But you do not have to. You can come down off of the cross and live in the Light: you can find the temple of the Sun within yourself.


So any time when the outward appearances of things look to be threatening, or suggest loss or abandonment or rejection, go quickly to the temple of the Sun within yourself. In your mind's eye, even if you are standing in a crowd of people with your eyes open, you can still in the mind's eye see yourself in that Sun and know that always—this is my guarantee unto you; I have been there, I have done it, I have tried it, I have tested it, and I know it to be true—you will always be taken care of in the temple of your own Sun within.


That is what it means when we speak of the Christ of you. It is your own Sun within you, the brilliance, the divine radiance of the Christ of you. So whenever the world speaks to you, go within to that place of the Sun within yourself. Make your choice from the place of the Sun. The holy Child has already decided to come Home.


The holy Child has already decided to know Who she is, Who he is, to live from the place of divinity, and to live joyfully. So whenever the world brings you the messages that it could be other than joyful, go quickly to the Temple of the Sun within yourself, the Christ of yourself, the expansive place where you know love itself, where you know that always you are valued, nurtured, and taken care of, that always the Christ returns Home, no matter how far he/she may travel. The Christ of you abides in the Sun, in the divine brilliance and radiance within you, and that will always bring you Home. I know this to be true, so I speak it to you. So be it. - Jeshua ben Joseph


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Today is a day of alignment. I am Cauac and with the energy of 13, we will peer into the spirit of man ifestation. I highlight the word "man" because in our Realm, all possibilities are ever-present. In your temporary home on Earth, this process is a learned behavior for man. The word "infestation" is defined as a "presence of a large number of pest organisms in or on a host." As a word play, we can look at the word as "man-infestation" as applied to all the large number of pesky thoughts that flow into your conscious and unconscious mind every moment of every day.


And so, let us begin. How do you create all that you want? You look around and notice that some people pray, pray, pray and still live a dread filled life. For others, everything comes easily when even their dark days leave them with a smile on their face. What is the secret behind this serenity that you see in the Dalai Lama and others?


The first ingredient is love. Unconditional love. Love that allows all others to be who they are, without judgment or criticism. It is not easy to acquire when your world is filled with limiting beliefs. However, it is possible to change your thoughts and attitudes, with attention and intention.


"How can I do that?" you may ask. It is simple, yet it requires much diligence in the beginning; you are simply changing a bad habit. The thought of monitoring your thoughts can seem overwhelming at first. However, like any skill, with practice you gain skill.


How to control your thoughts? The first step is simple observation. Pay attention to your thoughts. How do you feel when you have this or that thought? Which thoughts do you respond to, which do you ignore? The next step is to look closer at your thoughts. Are some persistent? Which ones give you joy? Which ones give you fear? Which ones would you like to act upon? Which ones would you like to go away?


This is where intention comes in. We have spoken about setting intentions on other days, so we will not dwell on it here. The main emphasis of intention is to know and declare what you wish to experience. Once you have this clear vision, it is your responsibility to take your e-motions and put that energy (e) into motion.


The first step is to pay attention to your thoughts. Choose only those which lead you to your desired outcome. When you have thoughts of fear, emotions that you don't like, persistent negative thoughts, then literally, think again. This is where practice makes perfect. When you are aware of thoughts that lead you away from your intention or anything less than love, choose something else to think about. It is rather simple, but, like any bad habit, it takes practice to change the behavior.


I am available anytime to assist you in choosing to overcome your incessant thinking. Today's Tun 13 is here to help you with the manifestation process. Together, the three of us are a dynamite team. You have everything within you to create the life of your dreams. No matter what happens to you, it is possible to maintain balance, poise and grace. No matter how anyone treats you, it is possible for you to love yourself and your perceived enemies. No matter what ailment afflicts you, you have the ability to heal. No matter what behavior you have, you have the power to change and be all that you wish to be.


It is simply a matter of monitoring your thoughts. And, it's free! Be sure not to feel shame or guilt when you fall back into old patterns. As the old song says, "Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again!"

Have a wonder filled day!  Cauac 13