Making Ourselves Visible To You - Update

SaLuSa:Your sightings of our craft are increasing;
December 2010

We love you and are here help rebuild your Earth ==========================================

The last big battle between the dark ones and those of the Light was during the times of Atlantis, and it resulted in the demise of what was once a very evolved civilization.


You are those same souls that have reached an identical point in this cycle, but this time the past lessons have been learnt and the Light has emerged victorious. It is a battle that has already been won in the higher dimensions, where the energies have a profound affect upon the lower dimension of Earth. Naturally the dark influences still exist, but the levels of Light now far outreach them and are increasing exponentially.


So the scene is set for a resounding victory over the dark Ones, and it will be seen and understood for what it is. Ascension is therefore on track to take place as always planned , albeit that originally it was to coincide with the end of the last century. The fact that more time has been allowed that carries you to the end of the cycle, is a credit to those who have awakened to their true purpose for being on Earth.


It has resulted in more souls reaching consciousness levels, which have enabled them to respond to the Light with an understanding of Ascension. It is a unique opportunity that is available to each and every soul, but it is known that not every one will feel ready to take such a quantum leap forward in their evolution.


For them life still proceeds according to their needs, and one day in the future the opportunity to ascend will come by again. There is no shame or guilt connected with the pace of your evolution, as you have total freedom of choice to go along with your desires and wherever your journey takes you. The heavenly forces are never far away as you live out your experiences, and always on hand in response to any call you make for help and guidance.


You may not realize how often they direct your life in accordance with your wishes, but that does not mean that you always get exactly what you believe you need. For example if you have come into life to experience lack, then it will do no good to press for abundance. Changes only come when you have first successfully learnt the lessons you agreed to undertake. Sometimes they will come back to you many times, until you have overcome the challenges that they present.


Even those souls around you are part of those experiences you have undertaken, and you are all in it together often in a family situation. It may appear that you are the victim of circumstances, but nothing happens by chance and is the outworking of your life plan . The Lords of Karma act for you and other souls individually, and as a collective consciousness so that the Human Race evolves together.


They decide when it is best for you to incarnate, to ensure that the lessons you need come at an appropriate time. During the course of the last century more souls of Light have gradually taken birth, and it is through their commitment to bring Light to Earth that the levels of consciousness have increased so quickly. If you are a seeker of truth and information , there has never been a better time than now to find it. It does however require a discerning mind if you are to bypass those sources that are less than truthful.


As always follow your intuition , and it will eventually lead you to what is right for you at the time. It would seem quite natural that you are drawn to the messages of known Masters, but bear in mind they are to some extent only as good as the channel receiving them. The fact that sometimes they use a number of souls to get their messages out is quite normal, and in no way a sign of dubious channeling.


You will however sometimes find a distinct difference in the style and language used by them, as it reflects their own interpretation of what is being given to them. Not every one is receiving the messages word for word, but through telepathic images or packages of thoughts. Find the sources that resonate with you, as each one carries energy with it that you will respond to. You could to some extent find the most popular and accepted sources, as usually it is their pure energy that attracts many people to them.


Sources such as ours have come into prominence in more recent times, and of course coincide with our coming closer to you as you entered the Space Age. More so when you exploded your first atomic weapons, and signaled a potential threat not just to yourselves but life forms beyond your Earth. Our presence became vital to ensure that we defused any situation that may have led to the destruction of your planet. Believe us Dear Ones, you have come close on quite a number of occasions and we have had to intervene.


There are clear orders that come from those higher Beings that oversee yours and Mother Earth's evolution, and it will not be destroyed. It has happened in the history of your solar system, but this time the divine decree allows us to do whatever is necessary to ensure this cycle is safely completed. War and the threat of war have continually hampered your progress, and immense energy and wealth wasted on the pursuits of the dark Ones to gain world control.


It has been a one sided physical battle that has been taken to a higher level, and through establishing the Light upon Earth you have defeated them. It only remains to make that official, and our allies are close to achieving the results that will clear away the opposition to our coming openly amongst you. First however we must as you say, clear the decks and create a situation that allows for disclosure. As you are beginning to notice, it does not necessarily mean that it has to come from President Obama as was previously planned.


The pressure is being applied in respect of any official source that is approaching disclosure and prepared to make the announcement. It only requires one to do so, and then the truth will come tumbling out and it will snowball into a crescendo of information.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and excited that we are so near to presenting ourselves to you. It will be quite an occasion with much activity in your skies, as we put on a display for you. Your sightings of our craft are increasing all of the time, and that is by intention to allow you to accept our peaceful presence.


Except that we have had to use “force” to protect ourselves against attacks on our craft, we would never attack first. Even so we would prefer to take evasive action, which is why we often disappear out of sight when we are pursued.


We love you and are here help rebuild your Earth, and ensure you all safely reach the end of this cycle.


Thank you SaLuSa,


Sheldan Nidle's Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

July 2010

12 Ik, 5 Kumku, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. The two main forces that have been struggling against each other are at a decisive point.


Our Earth allies have stymied the dark's recent attempts to avoid its downfall, and these strategies by the Light have us on the brink of success. The dark continues to cast around for any possible options to keep the game going, but we dearly intend this to be the final match point.


Our Earth allies are more than ready to move their governmental personnel into power, and this turn of events can quickly propel your reality toward the transformations which set the stage for our formal arrival on your shores. Bear in mind that much of what we planned has been stalled by the continued intransigence of the dark's minions.


With the power of the dark cabal set aside, the programs we have often described to you can be set in motion. Mother Earth needs to be released from the burden of having to give up untold millions of barrels of crude oil to the dark cartels, but be reassured that your energy crisis is in essence only a philosophic and control issue.


The outflow of oil is affecting the locking of her surface plates which in turn affects the necessary reconfiguration of her surface features. When your planet assumed the reality you have known for millennia, she understood just how unstable a condition it was to be.


Major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the sudden subsidence of landmasses beneath the waves of your three major oceans have racked your home world from time to time. Sea levels, likewise, have risen and fallen abruptly, decimating or even engulfing whole national populations.


You live in an uncertain world, and many of you are one step away from disaster. Mother Earth intends to change this, but to do so, she requires you to shift upward in consciousness and realize that the world you live in has specific reasons for Being.

The prime one is to support your 13-millennia-long experiment in limited consciousness. This experiment is at an end and you are now at the point where you are to make a swift transition back into the fully conscious Beings you once were.

To get you to what we call the demarcation point, Heaven dispatched special decrees to each person's body guardians to begin a series of changes that were to awaken you and eventually prepare you to re-assume the responsibilities of full consciousness.

To enable this process, a number of near-catastrophic events have hit your reality over the past century: immense wars, famines, natural disasters, and other assorted economic and social calamities have befallen you.

These were wake-up alarms to alert you to what was getting close to happening. Our arrival, as bringers of a mass first contact with you, is one of the last in the lineup of signs appearing in your reality. We understand the amount of apprehension that has accompanied all this;

Heaven is indeed giving you a most incredible ride! You have gone from a state that seemed to be fairly stable at the outset to one whose volatility and violence escalated rapidly, until now you experience almost unbearable levels of anxiety.

Heaven has put you here in order to prepare you for what is to come next: euphoria so intense that it can resemble a dream! This is the wondrous state that is to come with the denouement that is racing toward you like a runaway train. The dark sees it approaching and knows this is the end of the line. Yet, like you, the dark ones do not want to experience it.


Limited consciousness is strange. You all welcome what is ahead, in theory; but there is a resistance that is illogical and driven by your fear of the unknown. We see this in the frustrations of Lightworkers and in the apparent arrogance of the dark cabal. Letting go is hard for you. Nevertheless, the time to do so is before you. Let go, and trust in what Heaven and the divine plan have in store for you. Part of this is discovering that you are not alone. A great many of your spiritual and space family have come to embrace you and accompany you to your destiny. This destiny includes overseeing a new solar system and a new star-nation.


It is understandable for you to think of these coming responsibilities as being far off in some distant future; but they are not. What we are describing is getting close! If you feel trepidation at this prospect, we suggest you tell yourself that this is to be the world of your children and grandchildren. Then simply imagine yourself being there with them!


The state of the world around you is not headed for calamity; rather, it represents the end game of this reality before it transitions fully into the one you are shortly to know. Our world is one you will get to know quite well. The Galactic Federation is a galaxy-wide association that watches and waits for your solar system to change. Once this transformation is complete, you are to become a vital part of this organization. Many conferences will require your expertise and talents and we look forward to what you are to accomplish in moving the Light to every part of physicality.


The present difficulties include the massive oil spill in the Caribbean as well as minor spills in other oceans, all of which jeopardize Mother Earth's ecology. These man-made disasters are just some of many defilements threatening Earth's life-form diversity. This diversity has been the hallmark of life on Earth from her inception. The present biological time slot is marked by a manifest dwindling of this diversity, and such moments usually indicate the occasion when one dominant species replaces another.


What makes this time unique is that it involves the species moving to a much higher state of consciousness. Once this condition is realized, an entirely new reality can commence, transforming the dichotomy of a 3-D surface realm and a 5-D inner world into a unified 5-D world. This new world is to be the source for the creation of a new star-nation.


Across your solar system, this transformation proceeds unabated. Mars continues to lead the way as its thin atmosphere starts to thicken and a form of weather begins to make a planet-wide appearance. Venus is also showing signs of life. Many of your astronomers can see that Venus possesses water just below her surface, and that her acrid, over-boiled atmosphere is undergoing changes. She is beginning the process of returning to her original state as the water-twin of Mother Earth. Mercury is now seething with volcanic activity, and this heralds the return of a most amazing world: the one your astronomers first called Vulcan in your 1840s and 1850s. This lost world is ready to take its place as the innermost world of your solar system.


Changes of a very odd sort are also being noted in the trans-Martian Asteroid Belt.

A former planet, which you once called Maldek and which we refer to as Pax, is beginning to make its presence known here. Strange gravitational occurrences have many astronomers wondering what is going on. In fact, the Asteroid Belt appears to be realigning itself. We can state that these oddities are merely the initial steps taken by your local Elohim in preparation for reconstituting a new planet out of these flotsam remains. It is to be the largest of your water worlds and will provide the special balance that your solar system once enjoyed. It is this balance which drew Mother Earth here around five billion years ago. It is also what attracted our Lemurian colonists to Earth about 900,000 years ago. A new golden age is on the move!


Today, we talked about the developments that are bringing the many changes ever closer and about the many situations in urgent need of resolution. The time for introducing us formally is getting close. You live in a period of monumental change, in which you are to rediscover who you really are! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy)

For more information on the Planetary Activation Organization



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SaLuSa: Our Allies Are Forging Ahead With Their Plans July 23, 2010 ===============================================

You are that near to 2012 that you can almost touch it, and because time has speeded up so dramatically it will be upon you before you know what has happened. We know many get worried as we race through 2010, but be assured that we are aware of the reasons behind the present delays. They will not drag on too long, and there will still be ample time for us to complete our mission.

Life at present for you is like being on the Big Dipper, it can be frightening as you are experiencing a series of ups and downs. However, the path is going to straighten out, and your final period on Earth will be smooth and exhilarating .

It will help immensely when you have been fully made aware of what it entails, and everyone will know before Ascension takes place . Even now there are many souls quite unaware as to what is happening, that is causing so much upheaval upon Earth. We must change that situation and indeed that will be quite quickly carried out, through incorporating your communications system with our technology.

Unlike now it will not be controlled by those who limit your freedom of expression. However, it carries with it a responsibility to use it wisely and for the good of all. But for our coming, you would have eventually found yourselves virtual prisoners in your own lands. Even now the Illuminati still look for the means of restricting your freedom further, but it will be pointless as they will be removed before it can benefit them. Their insidious plans played out for many, many years have crept up on you without your realization, and have relied on creating a false enemy that could be blamed for all of your problems.

Dear Ones the enemy has always been within, and have been masquerading as your benevolent friends and carers. With the help of people who have risked their lives and sometimes paid for it that way, you have gradually learnt the truth of how you have been fooled.


The battle has not however just been on the physical level, but also for the capture of your souls and to prevent you ascending . You may ask how can they do it, and we will tell you that it is by keeping you trapped in the lower vibrational levels. Fortunately, the Lightworkers have been waking up many souls, and through their work have helped create a powerful grid of Light around the Earth.

Through it is fed more Light coming into it from points out in Space, and it has acted as your Wayshower. You attract it to yourself, and everyone benefits as it is grounded upon Earth. Your battles at the higher level are simply between the Light and dark, and it goes on with the vast majority of souls having little awareness of it.

The dark influences are attracted from without the Earth, and move around and through the Universe looking for a similar vibration. Equally, now that you are lifting up your consciousness levels the Light energies will find you. Your Solar System approaches a high energy point that will lift you even higher, and that will be a gain that will stay with you.

The greater plans that control what is happening on a Universal scale are God's answer to every soul that desires to ascend and are your assurance of success. We see that in the midst of your troubles and concerns it is easy to overlook the greater picture, but it is there for you as well as all other dimensions. Ascension is not complete without you, and in that respect you are as important as any other civilization in the Universe.

Our allies are forging ahead with their plans, and as they do more people who are sympathetic to their aims are joining them. It means that they are becoming stronger and when the time comes to get moving, there is plenty of support.

The dark Ones felt they had it all to themselves, but that has never been the case as the plan of God allowed for the Light to also develop to keep them in check. It started a long time ago in the higher realms, and has gradually manifested on Earth in time to thwart their final thrust for complete world control. In a manner of speaking we have crept up on them unnoticed, and it is too late for them to recover. Like the wounded animal they are, they lash out at all around them but they fight for a lost cause.

Our approach is one of caution in the certainty that when we strike, it will be the precise moment that will bring us success. As you know we do not use force, and can defend ourselves without being involved in altercations. Our defense is being able to disarm our aggressors without being involved in confrontations, and they have no answer to such technologies.

Meanwhile back on the Earth you wait with some trepidation to find out if the Gulf Oil spill has in fact been stopped, and whether the effects of it will be spread much further when the hurricane season starts.

Unfortunately it is inevitable, but however far it extends we will help you clear that up. For a complete recovery, you will have to wait until we are officially invited to do so. We are working on that, and it must happen with prior announcements from your President Obama. We choose this moment to re-assure you that he is the right man, to lead you out of the era that has all but destroyed democracy.

However. Like us he is unable to progress until the rogue government is removed, and he has a free hand to implement the real plan for your rescue. There are bad laws to be repealed, freedom to be restored and the Constitution to be dusted down and presented to you once more. The world waits for such a lead, and it will come in the course of the cleansing that is taking place.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I am just one voice that speaks for the Galactic Federation and their mission for the people of Earth, and also Mother Earth. As the days go by so the path for Man to take becomes clearer.

The past must be buried and looked upon as a failed attempt to corrupt you, and take away all of your rights. It was an experience that you were intended to go through, and you have been to hell and back and that is no exaggeration.

You are all much greater and wiser for it, and it has tested your ability to still lift out of it into the Light. In that respect you have won hands down, but only in the last century when it could have easily gone the other way.

What is important now is to complete the victory, by moving as swiftly as possible on to the path to Ascension and clearing away all that no longer serves you. We are with you all of the way, sharing our Love and Light with you.

It will be wondrous and fulfilling to feel the happiness with which we will be greeted, and your sigh of relief that the hard times are nearly over. Thank you SaLuSa,